Goodbye, Hello

As of December 1st, no longer offers listings for BDSM providers, a service they have provided for over a decade. This seemed to have come about rather quickly as I just heard about it about a week ago.

Many … continue reading “Goodbye, Hello”

Finding A Professional Domme

Last Update: March 30, 2020

Since FOSTA/SESTA was signed into law in April of 2018, pro Domme directories have disappeared. With that, people have been expressing dismay about where they can find Us. I have included some information below which … continue reading “Finding A Professional Domme”

Max Fisch

I’ve had some people ask Me about Max Fisch and why I’m not listed on the site or involved with its forums. The answer is that I’ve asked to be listed and never received a reply, so I gave up. … continue reading “Max Fisch”