Max Fisch

I’ve had some people ask Me about Max Fisch and why I’m not listed on the site or involved with its forums. The answer is that I’ve asked to be listed and never received a reply, so I gave up. I first asked in March of last year. I saw an update, but Mine was not included. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any listed updates since. The site seems to be abandoned by its caretakers.

As far as the forums, the interface is archaic, glitchy, and, frankly, ugly. Who wants that? I prefer FetLife; although in the 8 years I’ve been using it, they’ve made few significant changes — and they could really use some. (Too busy being perverts, I guess.) is trying to recreate the same forum as Max Fisch, but, again, using the same old interface. Again, I’m not inspired to use it when FetLife is more modern and easier on the eyes.

I’m listed in all the other more well-known directories anyhow. If people are only using an out-of-date site to look for a Domme, then I guess they’ll miss out!

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