Need Someone To Talk To After A Stressful Holiday Season?

I know that for some of us this time of year can be very challenging. For those who need to talk to someone who is kinky like you and who also understands the difficulties that can arise during this time … Read the rest “Need Someone To Talk To After A Stressful Holiday Season?”

Ass Beating And…

fukpet and I took a tour of some implements this session: paddles, switches, canes, a belt, and my powerful hands. This is how it turned out.

After I beat his ass, he was rewarded.

After our experience, he had to … Read the rest “Ass Beating And…”

Have You Been a Victim Of WTFWTS?

Have you visited a Domme and…

She didn’t feel very dominant? (“What do you want to do now?”)

She didn’t seem into the scene? (She looked at her phone half the time.)

She didn’t get you? … Read the rest “Have You Been a Victim Of WTFWTS?”

Need Some Holiday Cheer?

Some time is still available between now and the New Year for you festive Ho Ho Hos!

Schedule a pre- or post-holiday decompression as a present to yourself!

I can:

✔️ Check to see if you’re naughty or nice

✔️ … Read the rest “Need Some Holiday Cheer?”

Heads up: Someone Using My Name on TikTok (Updated)

If it’s not obvious, this is not me. For one, I speak better English.

While the photo I can see is not mine, they are implying they are doing the same kind of thing as me, BDSM, which could … Read the rest “Heads up: Someone Using My Name on TikTok (Updated)”