Foot Domination

Foot Domination is my form of foot play. I make a distinction between what I do and “foot worship”. I do not take requests for what I see as a fetishist-driven approach, so it’s important you understand how my practice differs.

In my approach, the focus is on domination. What methods I use to express this is customized for each Foot Domination session.

Because it is a power exchange activity, not solely fetishism (pun intended), this practice is best suited for submissives who have foot fetishes. If you are a foot fetishist without an interest in power exchange it may not work for you.

Some details about my feet:

  • Appearance: I have been told by many that I have beautiful feet. My feet are slender but strong and a US size 9 (10 inches / 25.5cm in length). My toes are long and well-spaced with delicious curves. I have lovely arches and wrinkly soles. They are also vascular from 8 years of dance training and performing. I do not have bunions, corns, warts, or other growths.
  • Tactile: My feet are pleasant to the touch. Neither rough nor baby soft, they are the feet of a Goddess.
  • Odor: My feet are well-taken care of and healthy so I don’t have the pungent smell that stems from the overgrowth of fungus and bacteria. My feet have a light, natural foot aroma which is very pleasant.
  • Sweat: I don’t have sweaty feet naturally, but can create this for the respectful submissive.
  • Decoration: My toenails are always painted for Foot Domination. Colors are most often (but not limited to) one of: primary red, blood red, wine, midnight blue, dark purple, black, neon red or pink, or a French manicure. What I choose is often (but not always) related to the season, with brighter colors in the spring and summer months, but red is a favorite and usually peppered throughout the year. I accept color requests for an additional $50 to cover my pedicure. To ensure I can coordinate a color change in time, I recommend your request is made at least a week in advance. Otherwise you can accept the color that I am wearing is what energizes me at the time. I also like sterling silver toe rings and am usually wearing at least one.
  • Cleaning: I enjoy making you clean my feet after food crushing. I do not offer dirt cleaning.
  • Consumption: Deserving submissives may be given the honor of consuming parts of my Divine body.
  • Worship: Activities such kissing, licking, sucking, massaging, etc. all occur at my discretion.

Some testimonials from foot subs and slaves:

“I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time… your feet are some of the most beautiful in the world. … Mistress, it was unbelievable.” – footslave m

“thank you for our amazing session yesterday. … Your rough play, foot domination and humiliation was amazing … You are drop dead gorgeous, and your attire was amazing” – Bmore

“That was great. … That was the most authentic experience I’ve ever had.” – footslut

If you would like to talk with me further about this, feel free to call my chat line on NiteFlirt. If you would like to book a Foot Domination session, please initiate this on my contact page.


NB: Show me you are paying attention by asking for “Foot Domination” in your session request. If you ask for “Foot Worship” you will show me that you do not know how to follow directions. I like subs who can follow directions.

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