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For those that are subscribed and are wondering why I’m not just including the update in the email itself, here’s the situation.

When I sent out my first email it was held for review. Shortly thereafter they deactivated my list. Because so many people these days are censoring adult content, I figured it had something to do with that. So, I contacted them to talk about what I could do to to maintain a list but still operate their terms of service.

The answer: I could not include adult content in my email. They explained it was only because I cannot be sure a minor is not subscribed. While this seems logical, the reality is that no one anywhere can be sure a minor doesn’t access any adult content anywhere. But I wasn’t interested in arguing with them in case it created a bigger headache.

For now, the solution is for me to provide a link in the email for you to visit to read my update. This link will take you to difference places depending on the nature of the update.

I’m not happy about having to jump through hoops when the email list is a feature of a service I pay for, but it’s better than not being able to maintain a mailing list at all.

For those who would like to receive updates whatever I post to this blog, you can also subscribe to receive emails — and they are not censored! Just look on the right column for the place to enter in your email address. All submitted info is private.

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