Tickling Beth

Some Suprises

I love gifts. Who doesn’t??

Some surprises this week…

I have a love for fishnet and I received an assortment of sexy bodysuits from beth:


Thank you for sending me such lovely gifts, beth!!

And then I received this gorgeous 4″ shungite pyramid from greg patrick:


Included was this note:

I wanted to thank you for comforting me in my time of despair.

You’re welcome. I love it! I’m delighted to add it to my mineral collection. Thank you, greg patrick!


Gift catch-up

I’ve received many lovely gifts in the past few months.

Some gifts cards, including this one from slut b, addressed to “Someone Very Special”… 🙂


Food for the colony of strays I care for, like this huge bag of cat food and case of wet food from slave john and a case of kitten food and some litter from beth…



beth has sent me several other lovely things as well. Like packs of incense and crystals. For those that don’t know, I constantly burn incense and I love and collect both raw and polished rocks — especially crystals. (And a bonus pair of panties!)



Seeker just came for another session and bought a couple of cases of my favorite La Croix water.

Add to this wonderful list various cash gifts tucked in sweet cards expressing gratitude.

That’s right, everyone, I’m not into diamonds and fur (ew and ew). Give me a nice piece of quartz or labradorite or moonstone or… (I could go on), some amazing incense, and some refreshing sparkling water and I’ll be a happy Domme. 🙂

Thank you, everyone!!


Beth is put in the Stocks

If you remember, beth foolis–er, generously gifted me with some beautiful foot stocks during her last visit in February.

And since then I have been eagerly awaiting her return so I could thoroughly torture her with them!

When she returned in March, for our longest session yet, I built the suspense until…


I tied her tightly to my bondage table with rope (she’s an escape artist, so she requires extra attention)…

Forced her poor bare feet into the stocks and secured them, along with her toes, so there would be no wiggling out of the way…


…and proceeded to relentlessly tickle her with all kinds of implements and in all kinds of ways.

(Of course, I didn’t remain solely on her feet.)

Then, once she was gasping for air, I introduced the other new toy she brought me: The Tickle Beavers.


Oh, they didn’t disappoint.

Her whoops, squeals of breathless laughter, a few nearly desperate chokes, and pleading “no no no no”s didn’t stop me from pushing until my sadistic enjoyment of watching her struggle helplessly was thoroughly satiated.

Afterward, she sent me a lovely message. An excerpt:

“…those implements of horror that were used against me were unbelievably torturous, i have never felt such intensive waves of tingly and ticklish sensations that were inescapable. The whole not being able to move made it that much more insane. i am laughing now, just thinking of it. i know i tend to talk about the personal space / physical intimacy stuff the most, but i also look at this as exciting, fun, and entertaining. Just when i am absolutely on the verge of panic and / or fear, You always end up making me laugh. i know i’m supposed to focus on the power, intimidation, sadistic Mistress, but You are also freakin’ hilarious. 🙂

Truly cannot thank You enough for such an incredible session that still has me feeling the effects days later. You are simply amazing and just when i think i couldn’t be in any more awe of You, BAM, You knock yet another one out of the park.”

Thank you, beth! I had a wonderful time with you!


She also brought me this fiber optic whip and a lovely card with a really thoughtful message inside and a generous tip.


AND then shortly thereafter I received these two beautiful crystals from my wishlist:


Thank you!!



P-Day, V-Day and d-Day

beth sent me these for Prez Day:


(there’s an explanation and joke in there that I’ll refrain from sharing)

When I put these on my wishlist, I had no idea how much pressure they would apply; they could be wimpy or strong. But they looked different than any of my other clamps and so I thought I’d take a chance.

HOLY SHIT. I believe they are THE most intense clamps in my approximately 15-20 pair collection.

Thank you, beth!

Then, slave john sent this thoughtful card and gift for V-Day…


Thank you, slave john!

Then, three pairs of shoes from footboy d…

This awesome retro pair:


…which, unfortunately, are too small. (I sent them back to get a different size.)

Then, these sexy pair:


I especially liked them because of the fishnet (which I don’t have on any shoe in my 100+ collection)

Here they are on my feet:


And then, finally, these gorgeous pair:


A peek on them on my feet:


Thank you, footboy d!

More surprises

More lovely surprises from my wonderful submissives…

A big bag of dry food for the stray cats and more high-capacity batteries for my dungeon:


Thank you, beth!!

And then I received some packages without the gift-giver’s name included… from james…

A case of kitten food and a candle that smells delicious as fuck:


and then these sexy heels:


Here’s a quick shot of them on my feet:


Thank you, mystery giver james!!

Beth is a tickle slut

Beth has been coming to me for about 7 months now.

She’s a tie and tickle slut. However, she has told me she is open to trying new things and trusts me to make the decisions about what they are and when I do them. I absolutely love this type of freedom and introducing people to new ways to play.

During our last session, I moved her into different positions for my sadistic tickling pleasure. Here’s when I had her face down, with toes tied firmly to the cage:


(Did you notice her red bottom in the shadows? I had just finished paddling her.)

I pushed her into exhaustion this time. She was practically choking from laughing so much.

It’s difficult for me not to fully indulge in continuous torture because she is honestly SO FUN to tickle! Her squeals and gasps and torrents of laughter are hilarious and infectious.

During her visit, she presented me with this wonderful gift:


Foot stocks and a pair of tickling implements for Temenos!!

She truly must have read my mind because I had been searching for some good foot stocks for several months now. However, I haven’t been satisfied with what I’ve come across. They were either not made well enough, incorporated leather (which I don’t use), or I just didn’t like them aesthetically.

This one is perfect! Very well made, vinyl around the padding instead of leather, and has that medieval look I dig.

Of course, beth is clearly a gluttonous masochist. Why else would she gift me something which I will be locking her into, and from which she will not be able to escape, the next time I have her in my dungeon?

THANK YOU, beth!! Looking forward to our LONGER THAN USUAL session next time! *maniacal laugh*