How To Properly Ask For a Session or Call

When you contact me asking for a session, chat, coaching call, whatever, can you PLEASE follow my very logical protocol?

I’m worn out from receiving emails like this:

“Hi, Mistress, can I schedule X with you?”

If I’ve seen or Read the rest “How To Properly Ask For a Session or Call”

Is it Mistress Tissa or a Scammer?

Worried that you’re actually talking to me and not a scammer?

I have good news for you: it’s VERY EASY to tell.

  1. Did someone randomly contact you and ask you for money? NOT ME. I ALWAYS direct people to my
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Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing

I always have a pretty strong suspicion that someone doesn’t understand how to properly clean when they say something like,

“I always sterilize my furniture.”


…because you can’t sterilize furniture.

You should know this stuff before you ever accept … Read the rest “Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing”

Know Your Limits

When you approach me for a scene please make sure that you can tell me your limits, not just your interests. Lately, I have noticed more people are not prepared and don’t know what theirs are. They’re approaching me for … Read the rest “Know Your Limits”

The Word “Mistress”

When encountering Dominatrices you will see many of us use the title “Mistress”. While some of us love it, some feel quite differently, believing it is somehow insulting to a woman, her role and value. I want to clear that … Read the rest “The Word “Mistress””

Article: Kinky Sex Could Be the Secret to Your Success

“Many successful visionaries throughout history, from artists to scientists and even politicians, have had well-documented kinks and fetishes that affected how they operated in their daily lives.

A wave of recent research has confirmed this: If it’s something

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Position, Role, and Fetishism

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Booking a scene with Me while I’m attending DomCon

You may have noticed that I don’t travel a lot. Or if I do it’s more of the “leisure” variety. So, if you reside in the Los Angeles area and don’t come My way often (if at all), or you … Read the rest “Booking a scene with Me while I’m attending DomCon”

Hard Limits and Soft Limits

If you have spent any time experimenting with BDSM, you probably very quickly heard the term “hard limit”. Hopefully, you also heard about its close relative the “soft limit”. While they are both refer to limitations placed on the activities … Read the rest “Hard Limits and Soft Limits”