slave m: bound and tested

One-by-one Mistress Tissa placed clothes pins on my penis and testicles, seemingly taking more and more pleasure with each one that She placed in the most delicate of places. i was instructed to count each clothes pin as She slowly put each one in place. That was not an easy task, as i had a ball gag in my mouth and a hood placed over my head. The pain was absolutely excruciating, so much so that I still remember it vividly, now four days after the fact.  Mistress did not stop at 10 clothes pins, or 20, but ultimately placed 23 clothes pins on my now throbbing male genitals. As the process unfolded, i thought Mistress would ultimately run out of room as to where the clothes pins would be placed or maybe i was just hoping that She would. Regardless, She appeared to enjoy my obvious predicament as She kept inflicting pain on me, one clothes pin in at a time. i feel that Mistress now knows the absolute highest threshold of pain that i can stand during a session and often brings me right to that point before easing up. In so many ways, i believe that Mistress Tissa now knows me better than i know myself.

As i sat there in front of Her, on Her bondage chair, with the clothes pins now biting into my raw skin and the ball gag still in my mouth, Mistress decided to again prove her complete domination over me by penetrating me with a rubber penis. With one hand She pushed the penis in and out of my ass and with the other hand She tugged on the nipple clamps that She had just placed on my nipples. At that very moment i felt like i had reached the highest level of pain that Mistress Tissa has inflicted on me to date, but I was as determined as ever to make it through the session with the hope that i would please Her with my resilience.


With a hood over my head, a ball gag in my mouth and tied to a bonding chair the only sense that I had available to me was the sense of smell. During the most intense part of the session, i decided to breathe in Mistress Tissa’s amazing scent. She was wearing a latex cat suit which i had gifted to Her and between the smell of the latex and Mistress’s beautiful scent, i thought breathing in Her amazing scent would somehow take my mind off the intense pain that i was being subjected to. That was a big mistake. Mistress was not pleased with me and reminded me that i had not asked permission to breath in her scent. After removing me from the bondage chair She ordered me to climb up on the bondage horse. Mistress proceeded to beat my ass with a paddle which was a clear message not to do anything like that again without asking for permission first.

i am completely devoted to serving Mistress Tissa and worship Her in every way. Hopefully i will never displease Her again.

slave m

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