Mistress Tissa’s Lexicon: Scene Director

Scene Director: This is the person who attempts to tell the Dominant how to run the show. They may tell Her/Him how to dress, how they should behave, what emotions to feel, what their motivation is, how and when to do an activity and for how long. The more Dominant a person is they more they hate this.

Some of you may say, “But shouldn’t I tell the Dominant what I like and don’t like?” Of course. But there is a difference between discussing your likes and limits and micromanaging your Dominant. Scene Directors tend to want to make decisions that are normally the responsibility and interest of the Dominant. They tend to completely disregard the concept of “negotiation” and self-proclaimed and/or agreed upon submission. They assume that the Dominant is merely there to follow their script, instead of the one who is supposed to direct the scene. If you’re looking to be director, and want the “Domme” to be the actress in your fantasy, you’re looking for what’s called a “service top” (i.e. not a Domme).

When encountered by a professional Dominant it is especially irksome because it shows Us that despite your interest in what We offer, you either have a lack of trust in Our ability to do it or you are simply objectifying Our role in the interaction. If you feel this way, you may wish to reflect on what’s really going on for you; or, if it’s because you’re nervous because you aren’t clear about how We may do an activity, simply ask for more time to go over things.

A Scene Director is also said to be “topping from the bottom

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