Fantastic gifts from yesterday’s sessions

First, cj brought me two bottles of a wine I really enjoy (your timing is perfect, cj) …

…and then Beth brought Me a hilarious t-shirt and some art she had made for me:


Since it may be hard to see the image from this photo, here is it up close:


I LOVE that she included my cat, Phoebe. Her collar says “DM” for “Dungeon Mistress”. Beth explained that one time when I had to run upstairs for something before our session, Phoebe was pacing by Temenos as if she was guarding it.

I also received an Amazon gift card a few days ago from MJ with the message, “Just your content alone makes me convinced you could guide me to legitimate submission.” That was another lovely surprise.

Thank you, all!!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic gifts from yesterday’s sessions”

    1. Wish that were true! Can’t take credit for it, I had the graphic designer at my job create it. But I agree, I think she captured both Mistress and Phoebe quite well! 🙂

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