Testimonial From Todd

I recently met and had a session with a new player that I truly enjoyed. He said he’d been wanting to try this since he was a teenager. I was delighted he chose me for his first experience.

I love introducing people to BDSM. And I feel honored when I am able to do so. I’m skilled at helping people figure out what might work for them and crafting something at their level, while creating an environment in which people feel sexy but also safe.

When we began, the combination of nerves and adrenaline had him trembling (which is not uncommon). I helped him relax, and once he let go, I quickly followed. I floated into Domspace and off we went.

Todd had quite a few things he wanted to experience. Some things he’d tried a bit of, some things he hadn’t, but I was able to include everything he mentioned — and I had a great time doing it. Afterward, he said, “That was amazing!”

The next day, he sent this to me in an email:

Dear Mistress Tissa,

I wanted to thank you for our session yesterday it was everything I thought it would be and more. You made me feel very comfortable before and during the session which was important because I was very nervous before meeting you. The environment you created not only made me feel comfortable but it was also liberating for me to talk about my fetish openly and finally have a chance to explore it with you. I believe the experience will also have a long term effect on me because I feel I am more willing to accept this as a part of who I am rather than feeling ashamed.

I hope to see you soon.

Thank you again


It was really gratifying for me to read this. While I definitely enjoy and appreciate scenes that are just about being hot and sexy, it’s when I can help someone feel more comfortable with and accept some aspect(s) of themselves — even learn to love themselves a little more — that my work is most rewarding. Helping people accept themselves is sacred work.

Thank you, Todd! Hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful session. So happy for Todd, can totally relate to what he walked away feeling. You truly are amazing Mistress, providing hope, changing lives, making a real difference.

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