Q: Is Your New Temenos Air Conditioned?

A: Yes! I have central air in the entirety of my house, which includes Temenos.

If you’re concerned that a visit during this insane heat wave will be hot, stuffy, and unbearable, it will not. It’s cool, comfortable, and soothing. … continue reading “Q: Is Your New Temenos Air Conditioned?”

Updated Interests

Please note I have added or modified my interests and limits as follows:

Interests added:

  • Aquaphilia / water play
  • Goddess Champagne/Nectar*
  • Gold Goddess Showers* (no longer a hard limit)

And in case you missed it:

  • Smoking fetish* (I began offering
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Sub C: “The Best Session Of My Life”

“i have been processing the incredible experience that we had and it took a few days to set aside the time to write about it.

For me, the session was set apart by the connection i felt throughout. i felt

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