Who sent these sandals?

They came without any note.

They’re cute but not only did the seller send the wrong size — a US 9 was on my wishlist and they sent an 8 — they’re still about two sizes too big, which isn’t as apparent in the photo because of how I’m sitting down with my feet off the side of my couch.

I contacted the seller and they are telling me I have to pay shipping back to China. That’s right: I must pay for their mistake or inability to correctly size their shoes.

That’s it. I’m done trying shoes from Chinese manufacturers who are shipping from China. I think most of the time they never fit correctly.

Anyway, thanks for sending them, mystery person beth! Too bad they didn’t work out!

5 thoughts on “Who sent these sandals?”

    1. Thank you for sending them!

      I contacted the seller and they offered a $2 refund(!) and that I could donate the shoes or that I would pay the shipping back the China. The shipping is more than the shoes! They know no one is going to pay to return them. Seems very scammy.

      Then, I spoke to Amazon about it and they provided a refund on behalf of this shady seller. So, I’ll pick something else off my wishlist.

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