Locked out of Twitter

Just a heads up that Twitter has locked me out of my account.

This is the email I received from them:

That’s right: I said that I believed that someone who was making misogynistic comments was really a guy and *I* was the one considered engaging in”hateful conduct” by their TOS staff.

If calling someone a man is hateful, then they must have a low opinion of men. LOL!

Anyway, they obviously didn’t look or didn’t care that this person, and other people in the thread, were making a bunch of misogynistic comments.

Of course I contacted them to appeal their decision. Here’s what I got back:

The person reviewing my appeal was likely a man who sided with “kbloz”.

This is really no surprise. People who are on the receiving end of harassment and discrimination — individual or institutional — are always the ones who are ultimately punished for speaking out about it.

Now, Twitter wants me to log on and delete the tweet or something. But I can’t log on without giving them my cell phone number.

So, now I have to figure out how one does this without using a cell phone.

Until that happens, I’m in Twitter jail.

I’ll be posting here instead.

(In case anyone who follows me on Twitter wonders why I post links to my blog instead of uploading the content to their platform, this is one reason why. If I’m ever suspended because some breauflake doesn’t like my comment, all my work will be lost. At least if it’s in my blog, I still have it.)

UPDATE (3/5/20 7:50pm): I have been told the subsequent tweet I made to this troll is another violation!

Make sure you never say that you believe someone is a man posing as a woman in an attempt to justify and normalize their misogyny. This is hateful conduct. Much worse than the misogyny itself.

UPDATE 2 (3/5/20 10pm): Their support staff was VERY quick to tell me that they denied my appeal, but still hasn’t answered my request from hours ago asking for help with logging in without having the ability to receive an SMS in that process. Anyone want to estimate how long it will take? My guess: never.

UPDATE 3 (3/6/20 1pm): I have been released from jail.

2 thoughts on “Locked out of Twitter

  1. OMG, i can’t believe this! Did they not read the full thread? And since when is it hate speech to call someone a man??? Have they seen the things people tweet to YOU???? This is beyond outrageous, i am so sorry You have to deal with this bullshit.

    • It doesn’t surprise me, to be honest.

      I have been called all sorts of names, threatened, stalked, whatever, and very little if anything happens to those who do it. One example: Two or so years ago I reported a guy for repeatedly calling me things like “whore” and following me around Twitter and other places on the internet, harassing and defaming me. I even threatened him with a police report. Twitter let him keep his account.

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