Update: 30 minute sessions

Effective today, I am no longer offering 30-minute sessions. The primary reason is since I would only offer to do them around other sessions, they were just too tedious to coordinate. Also, people rarely request them anyway; and when they did, they usually wanted more to happen in 30 minutes than made sense.

Advice to those who want to see Me, or another professional Dominatrix, and feel $250 for an hour is more than you can afford: do yourself a big favor and save up for a full hour; you will enjoy your session much more. A half-hour goes by very quickly and you are likely to leave with the feeling of “that’s it??”

For those who can afford a full hour but don’t need it: you will still need to pay Me for an hour of My time, even if you’re a lunch-hour warrior and only want or have time for 30 or 45 minutes.

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