The Email Issue is Finally Fixed! (Updated)

I’ve been up the last several hours working on this. I was totally fucking determined to fix it once and for all.

The issue was that the host I use for all my email does not support allowing another entity, like my blog, to connect to them to send and receive mail. Thus, all the subscription requests and post notifications were, unbeknownst to me, doing the equivalent of sitting outside the fortress waiting to get in and out.

So, I established a completely different account to handle the message relays.

I have just tested it and am happy to say that I was able to subscribe!

So, please, if you tried to subscribe and never received a confirmation message, or if you never received email notifying you about my posts, please try again.

And be sure to check your spam folder. Though I did set up SPF with my new account to try to reduce the chance your email servers think I’m spam it’s still possible the most incredulous of hosts will still not trust the email coming from me. If my messages do go into your spam folder just mark them as not spam and that should fix the problem.

Also – please try to comment on this or another post.

UPDATE: Welp. It looks like I spoke too soon. It looks like some email is not going through. I got a bounce from Google telling me that they rejected the email to confirm someone’s subscription because they thoughts I was spam.I contacted my mail host to confirm the SPF was set up and it looks like it wasn’t setup correctly. That should now be fixed. Let’s see if I can at least get f**king subscription emails working correctly!

I swear, I have had nothing but problems since I had to move to another server. I’m asking myself if this is even worth all the trouble. Maybe I should just do what everyone else does and put this all behind a paywall. At least I’d be getting paid for these headaches. 🙁

3 thoughts on “The Email Issue is Finally Fixed! (Updated)

  1. I set up a new acct ez pz. I gave them my sign in name and an email acct. They sent a confirmation to the email. I clicked on confirmation and it brought me back to site. I signed in with my name and password and I’m up and running again. Cmon people let’s give Mistress some feedback or this blog might disappear.

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