sjt brought this with him for our session:

It was delicious. I drank every drop!

(Note to those of you who want to bring a bottle for me, this is a excellent choice!)

Thank you, sjt! I LOVED it!

This was a fantastic birthday surprise from slave 70:

…which was larger and much more heavy than I was expecting.

Thank you, slave 70!

kefxb24 and I exchanged messages about these diabolical clamps and then he sent me a pair:

They are some of the most painful clamps I’ve come across. Masochists only!!

Thank you, kefxb24!

Now, slave john sent these two items from my wishlist:

A sexy sheer dress with two high slits in the front, and this:

Long, sheer robe which flows beautifully.

Then, he brought me these when he came for his last session:

Food for the homeless cats I feed, and…

This incredibly soft faux fur throw which, as you can see, my cat very much approves of.

Thank you, slave john!!

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