I love to give spankings!


A spanking can be a wonderfully thrilling, intimate, satisfying, and even therapeutic activity.

The range of sensation, rhythm, sweet spots, and positions are delicious to explore on a willing bottom.

Adding a roleplay can further heighten the experience: Disciplinarian, 1950s Mother, Aunt, Teacher, and more… (I’m always open to your respectful ideas)

For the most eager, I can satisfy your need for extended sessions. I can easily spank for an hour, creating a transcendent experience in which you can lose yourself.

You are spectacular. no words were better said then ‘some things were worth waiting for….’ it could not have been better. … thank you so much. it was wonderful looking at you from the ceiling watching you spank my lily white bottom. i m still on cloud 9. cant wait to do it again.” – b

Are you ready to offer your bottom to Me?


6 thoughts on “Spanking

  1. I can say from experience that Mistress Tissa can give you what you desire.Whether you ask for soft,med,hard you will be satisfied.When I first met Mistress spanking was not one of my favorites.Spanking is still not a favorite but the way Mistress incorporates it into a session is thrilling! Stop by and get your dose. 🙂

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