slave m’s account of O/our last session

“i finally got an opportunity to again session with Mistress Tissa after Her two plus weeks on vacation. For me, thinking about Mistress for two weeks, while being unable to session with Her felt like an eternity. As usual, that session with Mistress was amazing! Every session begins the same with me being directed to kneel in front of Mistress Tissa and stating why i have come to see Her. Answering that question becomes easier every time i see Her, as i now know that the reason that i keep coming back is to serve the most beautiful and demanding Mistress anywhere. i can honestly say that kneeling in front of Mistress knowing what may soon be coming is absolutely intoxicating.  i have served numerous mistresses, but none as powerful and stunning as Mistress Tissa.

Each session seems to be more intense than the last, as Mistress Tissa “raises the bar” as far as what She expects, or more accurately what She demands from me.   During O/our sessions, my goal is to try to consistently prove that i am worthy of Her attention, as well as proving my devotion to Her by submitting (without question) to Her every whim.

During O/our last session, i reminded Mistress Tissa of my high tolerance to pain, knowing full well that She would then test my will. She did! Completely tied up and at Her mercy She proceeded to drip hot wax from a burning candle on to my most private parts, with little pity as to my predicament. The pain was at times excruciating, but the pleasure i derived from being at the mercy of the beautiful Mistress Tissa was amazing! Watching Her smile as She inflicted more and more pain on me was the best part as i knew that i was pleasing Mistress by completely submitting to Her desires.


O/our two hour session went by much too quickly, but the memory of that session still haunts me today. i can’t wait to be at the mercy of Mistress Tissa again, hopefully that will be soon.

i thank you Mistress Tissa for allowing me to serve you in complete submission. You are truly a Goddess on earth!”

-slave m

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