slave m turns 1

The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe my most recent session with Mistress Tissa is surreal.  Standing in the middle of Mistress Tissa’s kitchen wearing a maid’s frilly apron and baking a cake seemed almost dreamlike.  my session started like all others with me explaining why i had come to serve Mistress Tissa, while kneeling at Her feet in awe of this true Goddess.  But while kneeling in front of Her, Mistress Tissa reminded me of the exact date of of my very first session with Her, which was one year ago, almost to the day.  i have been an obedient slave to Mistress Tissa for an entire year.  Naturally, my first thought was i hope Mistress Tissa has enjoyed having me as a slave half as much as i have enjoyed serving Her*.   Mistress Tissa then instructed me to stand.  She placed a blindfold over my eyes and told me to raise my legs one at a time stepping into some type of outfit.  This was somewhat shocking as during my year of serving Mistress Tissa i had never really been required to wear any type of clothing, as i have always served Mistress Tissa dressed exactly as i was the day i was born.  Mistress Tissa then removed the blindfold and i glanced at what i was now wearing.  Something i would describe as a “French Maid Frilly Apron.”  Actually when i looked down at what i was wearing, i had no idea what it was called.  Truthfully i had to research what i was wearing before writing this piece.

Mistress Tissa then instructed me to follow Her out of Her Temenos to her kitchen where W/we would be baking a cake to celebrate my one year anniversary of serving Her.  First, i had never really worn an outfit of any kind while serving Mistress Tissa, and second, i had never served Her anywhere but in Her Temenos.  So, when we arrived in Her kitchen and She informed me that i would be baking a cake, my first thought was that She was joking.  i know better than to question Mistress Tissa in any way, but truth be told, i thought She had something else in mind.  Were W/we really going to “bake a cake?”  But, i soon got my answer when Mistress Tissa started placing the ingredients in front of me on the counter, flour, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, butter, eggs, and more.  This was followed by all of the cooking utensils, including  two circular cake pans, spatula, large spoon, electric mixer, measuring bowl, measuring spoons and the final utensil which Mistress Tissa now held in her right hand, a three foot long black whip.  I do not believe that most people need a whip to bake a cake, but Mistress Tissa decided that She was going to use one to bake this cake.  It was not hard for me to determine how that whip would be used; the only question was how many times and how hard?  It was now time to begin making the cake.  Mistress Tissa gave the instructions and i followed.  Although Mistress Tissa reminded me to follow Her directives carefully and to measure each ingredient with precision, it was really not necessary for Her to give me that directive, as i always know that she expects complete and exact service and i will always try to give that to Her to the absolute best of my abilities.  Baking a cake for Her would be no different.  Besides, Mistress Tissa informed me that W/we would be making Her “favorite chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting”, so screwing up this important assignment was not on my wish list for the day.


As i approached the end of my assignment and mixed the final ingredients with Her electric mixer, Mistress Tissa began cracking Her whip behind me.  i kept hearing the whip whistle through the air, followed by a large crack, which almost sounded like a gun shot.  With each crack of the whip, i actually felt real fear.  If Mistress Tissa hits me with Her whip with the same force that She was exhibiting at that very moment, me and the cake are going to end up on the floor.  So i tried my best to focus on preparing the cake while at the same time bracing myself in the case that the whip lashed into me with the same force She was currently demonstrating.  But it did not.  Periodically Mistress Tissa snapped the whip on my ass and thighs with quick short hits that felt more like bee stings.  She did this instead of bringing the whip down upon me with the same intense force that She was periodically demonstrating at various times during O/our cake making session.  Something unique happened during O/our baking adventure that again reminded me of one of the basic responsibilities expected of me while serving Mistress Tissa.  At one point Mistress Tissa accidently bumped a measuring bowl knocking a small amount of flour onto the floor and also onto one of Her new boots.  i instinctively dropped to my knees and started wiping the flour off of her boot.  Within seconds Mistress Tissa told me to stop.  Then it hit me, i may have just really screwed up.  i know without question not to ever touch Mistress Tissa in any way without explicit permission from Her.  i immediately stopped and apologized to Her for touching Her boot.  She appeared to accept my apology and since it never came up again during O/our session, i believe all is well.  This has happened on a few occasions over the past year, touching Mistress Tissa in some small way without permission, i am now committed to never make that mistake again.  Finally, the oven was warmed to the right temperature and i placed the cake inside.

Maybe Mistress Tissa felt like She needed a rest, so while the cake was baking and the icing was being chilled W/we returned to Her Temenos.   i was then instructed to lie on my back on the floor in front of Her while Mistress Tissa rested Her beautiful boots on me.  I guess I am a little bias, since I was the person who gifted those boots to Her.  But they really were beautiful, especially on Mistress Tissa!  Periodically Mistress Tissa sent shock waves through my body by gently rubbing Her boots on my cock and balls.  The next fifteen minutes was fantastic.  Lying on the floor looking up at Mistress Tissa while She rested Her legs on me was more than i could possibly ask for at that moment.  It was wonderful, actually somewhat surreal.  But, all good things must come to an end, as it was now time to check the cake.  i removed the cake and Mistress Tissa checked it with Her tooth pick.  W/we did this several times, i removed the cake from the oven and She tested it until it was done to Her liking.  Finally Mistress declared that it was done.  So, it was time to return to Her Temenos while the cake cooled on cooling racks.

This time Mistress Tissa would not be resting her boots on me.  Instead i was instructed to lid on my back on Her bondage table.  She placed bondage boots and gloves on me, a new bondage hood partially obstructing my vision, and then proceeded to strap me to the table.  i can say with absolutely certainty that this time, more than any other, i had absolutely no movement whatsoever of any part of my body.  i was completely immobilized.  i almost forgot, Mistress Tissa also ran some sort of tape around my head and through my mouth keeping my mouth open throughout, making it almost impossible to speak.  If i thought during this session that baking a cake and being a foot rest would be all that i was experiencing and would not feel intense pain, i was wrong!  First, numerous clothes pins were placed on my cock and balls which caused intense pain to those two areas.  Mistress did not stop there.  Honestly, at that moment i had no idea what diabolical CBT She was administering, but the pain was absolutely excruciating.  i was not sure i was going to get through it, but i did and the best news is that Mistress Tissa informed me that She was pleased that i did not have to use my safe word and that i had endured the pain for Her.  i was also pleased, but sore as hell!


After O/our session, i asked Mistress Tissa what She had used on me.  She informed me that it was medical forceps, actually two of them, which were clamped onto my testicles.  In all it hurt for several hours, but serving Mistress Tissa the way that She desires, is always worth the pain.  As enduring intense pain for Mistress Tissa is another way for Me to show my complete devotion to Her.

Another interesting event took place as i was strapped to the table.  i made a comment that Mistress Tissa was beautiful and i think the other word i used to describe Her was intoxicating.  She replied, “and?”  When i did not give her the response She desired, which was “intelligent,” she slapped me across the face.  i was immediately surprised.  I was not surprised that Mistress Tissa slapped me, because i probably deserved it, besides i may have been slapped even if i guessed right.  No, i was surprised that the word intelligent did not pop into my head.  Actually during the last year of serving Mistress Tissa i have found her to be very knowledgeable on many topics, remarkably intuitive and probably intellectually gifted.  Her memory is uncanny and she is very articulate.

After the straps were removed, Mistress Tissa and i returned to the kitchen to finish the cake.  I put the icing on the cake under her watchful and demanding eye.  When i finished icing the cake, Mistress Tissa took a few pictures…


…and W/we returned to the Temenos with two pieces of cake in hand.  I resumed my position on the floor for Her to rest Her feet on and Mistress Tissa tasted the first bite of the anniversary cake.  i don’t think i ever watched a person take a bite of anything with as much interest and hope that they would like what they were tasting.  Mistress Tissa nodded her approval and stated, “not bad slave m.”  i could not have been more pleased.  After eating most of Her piece of cake, Mistress Tissa fed my first bite to me with her fingers.  Then the second bite was fed to me.  The third bite was much larger and was shoved halfway down my throat causing me to gag slightly.  i think that was the intent.  Finally, Mistress took a very large piece in her hand and smashed it all over my face.


O/our session ended with me cleaning the cake off of my face and thinking to myself, my session with Mistress Tissa was as amazing as always and truly surreal.  i love serving Mistress Tissa and cannot wait until O/our next session

*While nearly everyone who calls themselves “slave” is only fetishizing it, slave m exemplifies it. he NEVER makes any requests for O/our sessions, but gratefully accepts whatever I decide W/we will be doing that day; he regularly sends or brings Me wonderful gifts; and he is exceedingly well-mannered and humble. On this day, I gave him an additional two hours of My time to show My appreciation for his loyalty and generosity. I am a VERY lucky Mistress to have slave m!

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  1. What an incredible session! Thank you slave m for the detailed account and thank You Mistress Tissa for allowing the posting! This was an honor to be able to read of such a glorious session with the beautiful Mistress Tissa!

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