Sexy Shop: Hustler Hollywood – Philadelphia

I like to support local sex shops. Whenever I travel I make a point to visit them and buy stuff — even if it’s just lube or something.

I noticed a new shop opened here in Philadelphia, at the corner of 4th and Spring Garden, where a Rite Aid used to be.

It’s a nice store. Clean, spacious, and bright. It mostly has the kind of things you’d probably expect from an adult “General Store”: lingerie, stockings, novelty items, lube, and some toys.

The toy room is in the back. It had a good selection of vibrators and things for anal play. It has a small but respectable selection of BDSM pieces, mostly for beginners and non-professionals.

I was able to find a couple things to add to my collection:

A well-made vegan cat o’ nine tails (because I definitely need ALL the good vegan toys), and a really nice silicone cock that is short and thick, a style I didn’t have in my large arsenal, that will appeal to the bottom who likes to feel girth rather than depth.

The staff were very friendly and professional. A nice bonus was that I received a 10% discount for being an adult entertainer.

Most of what they sell are not the kinds of things I’m looking for but they did have some high-quality anal toys and one or two pair of good nipple clamps that I think I’ll go back for.

Support your local sexy shops!

2 thoughts on “Sexy Shop: Hustler Hollywood – Philadelphia”

    1. I appreciate you volunteering, though we both know I would have “volunteered” you myself!

      If you come for a session before the others who are scheduled this month, yes, you can be the first. I don’t think this cock will do much for you, though. It’ll go in and say “hello” and we’ll hear an echo in your cavernous hole.

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