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Mistress’ greatest strength is in the level of honesty, awareness and intellect she brings not just into the dungeon, but in all aspects of Her work. As a submissive, the greatest fear is that you’re going to be treated as “just a client.” However, Mistress finds the unique personal connective tie between Herself and you, and (in the best way) exploits that to Her benefit and to the likely mind-blowing nature of the session overall. Mistress is strikingly beautiful, too. Of course, the idea that one would want to be Dominated in a session by a beautiful woman makes sense. However, there’s something much more piercing and deeply connective in Her in-session glances and movements that creates a sense of something much more than general “enticement” happening. That “something” is a level of absolute and total control important to Her manner. Having already created the connective tie between you and Her, the work She does is ultimately all about pushing deeper and more powerfully into that, exerting a level of emotional, physical, and psychological control that creates a level of freedom and stimulation unlike anything else one has likely ever felt or known.


Thank you for the kind words, marcie!

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  1. Marcie,Very well written and 100% my same exact feelings! Time spent with Mistress is more than a session and more like a mini spa vacation.I leave tired but at the same time refreshed and energized.

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