McKink not served here

Have you had an experience which feels like you’re just gone through a fast food drive-through window? “How may I dominate you today, sir?” Where you provided your order to a “Dominant” and She delivered it up blandly, predictably, and with a feeling like She’s just there for the paycheck? Almost as if you’re in on some kind of BDSM conveyor belt?


Sorry, no “McKink” is practiced here!

My approach is more like fine dining: quality ingredients, artisanally crafted, and with great attention to our experience. I am an ethical person and have high standards and like what I do to reflect that. I not only prefer to be authentic, sincere, and conscious in My practice, I’m unhappy if I’m not.

All sessions are thoughtfully considered to reflect our mutual interests & develop from our unique energetic chemistry. While I may make loose plans for our time together, to ensure both our needs get met, I don’t enjoy scripts. (This is why scripted scenes are a limit for Me.) I prefer to let the moment dictate what best fits the space. What determines that is how I react to you and how you react to Me.

What do I mean when I talk about “conscious in My practice”? I like to think of what I do as “conscious kink”. This isn’t just about going through the motions, it’s about awareness and acting deliberately. While you can certainly approach kink as just a place to get an itch scratched, it can also have an underlying meaning, value, and a potential for growth, whether I’ve got you tied up, pinned to the ground, am humiliating you, and am testing your limits with My cane. My desire is that you leave Me better than when you came to Me, and sessions with Me will reflect that desire. “McKink” is just delivering a “cheap”, cookie-cutter product without any concern for any of this.

So, why settle for “fast food” when you can get more?

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