One more policy update

Due to the behavior of some inconsiderate and flaky people, I am shortening the rescheduling period to ONE MONTH.

This means that once you put down a deposit on a session, I will understand that you are as serious and committed to it as I am. If you need to reschedule, I understand; shit happens. As long as you provide Me with the notice I request, your deposit can be applied to O/our rescheduled session. However, if you do not reschedule and complete a session within a month, or you cancel and reschedule three times, your deposit will be null and void.

Previously, I had offered (a very generous) two months, but I have had a cluster of some people who can’t seem to get their shit together and have dragged Me along for those two months — even asking for MORE time. I had to decline to session with a couple of them because, as you might imagine, these things affect how I feel about sessioning with someone.

This is exactly why people ask for deposits. Because for these people I eventually declined to session with, at least I received some compensation for all the time I spent corresponding with them and trying to help them find fulfillment.

Now, that said, on occasion someone does have a legitimate reason to need more time. I am understanding and open to a dialogue about that. However, if I feel you’re just wasting My time, I will cut you loose. I expect My time to be respected in the same I way I respect yours.

N.B. This does not mean that during that month I will engage in an ongoing, detailed conversation about a person’s kinks or whatever it is they want to talk about. I’m not here to provide free wank material; I’m here for real-time BDSM. Enough talk! Let’s do!

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