Need Some Holiday Cheer?

Some time is still available between now and the New Year for you festive Ho Ho Hos!

Schedule a pre- or post-holiday decompression as a present to yourself!

I can:

✔️ Check to see if you’re naughty or nice

✔️ Trim your tree

✔️ Deck you

✔️ Wrap you like a present

✔️ Roast and crack your nuts

✔️ Stuff your stocking

✔️ Make you leave some milk out

Your secret Santa,

Mistress Tissa

2 thoughts on “Need Some Holiday Cheer?”

  1. I gave myself the gift of 90 minutes of “The Tissa treatment”. It’s a great gift to myself and a surprise as well. I know some of the treatment will be an uncomfortable affirmation that I am her pig. The Holiday Surprise….I don’t know but I will be seeing bright lights and snow in my head at some point during our time together. Happy Holidays!!

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