E-List vs Blog Subscription

I have two lists you can subscribe to:

  1. E-List, which you can do at the bottom of any of the pages on my website
  2. Blog, which you can do on my blog page, in the upper right-hand corner.

Let me explain the difference between the two:

  1. E-List is only for things like updates, changes, offers, and news. Like a major update to my site, a change in my hours, a limited time offer for sessions, or my visiting a city. It’s meant to be an overall low volume list. It’s also highly censored due to who the emails pass through. As a result, I cannot include adult content in the emails themselves. So I use the messages to notify you to go elsewhere for info. I’m not happy with this but the reality is that adult content is censored in a lot of places. So, until I find an alternative, this is how it works for now.
  2. Subscriptions to my Blog mean you will receive an email that notifies you of any blog posts I make. This email is sent out once a day, every morning. If I did not post anything during the previous 24 hours you will not receive an email. I post all sorts of things in my blog, including all of the things that would be covered in my email list, sessions with subs, testimonials, photos, clips, articles, humor, and more. It’s all adult, erotic content with an emphasis on BDSM/kink. It is much more comprehensive than my email list.

So, if you do not want anything but updates about me, offers, or other important news, then the E-List is for you.

If you prefer that and more, subscribe to my Blog.

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