Gift Cards, Food For Strays, And A Thank You From A Dream

This week has been like a second birthday !

First slut b sent this Amazon gift card…


…coupled with tell me how much s/he missed me. Aw, sweet slut.

Then, c, who I haven’t seen in quite a while, sent me another Amazon gift card saying it was for the stray cats I feed…



(I exchanged it for cash in my pocket, went to the store, and bought a big bag of dry food for them, and then a big bag of litter and two toys for Bandy’s kittens I’m currently fostering.)

…then, he mailed me more money (!) in the form of foreign bills (since he learned I collect it)….


Then, beth sent me this violet and tuberose candle from my wishlist, which smells wonderful, and in the box was a note that explained how she had a dream in which I had pushed her to a breakthrough and that I said to make sure to show appreciation, so she decided that she probably should. LOL!


Finally, slave john brought another case of cat food for the strays:


They will definitely appreciate this!

Thank you, all, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!!

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