Mistress Tissa’s Lexicon: Drive-By/Drive-Through Top

Drive-By Top or Drive-Through Top: My term for people who are at the receiving end of horny bottoms expecting “service” for immediate desire fulfillment.

Much like a person who makes a suggestive remark to someone they are driving by, hoping for their attention in the process, or enters the drive-through at a fast food joint to place an order for immediate delivery, the bottom expects people to engage with and serve their interests at their whim.

Example: Guys often send Me emails, messages on other sites (like FetLife), and tweets with things like, “Mistress, tell me how you would bend Me over your knee and spank my naughty boy bottom! Show me who’s boss!!” or “I am a dirty pig slut and want you to use and abuse me, Mistress! Make me lick your dirty shoes and eat the shit from your asshole!”

This is someone placing an “order” that they want/hope/expect/feel entitled for you to fulfill. They approach and attempt to manipulate you into playing with them. The focus is SOLELY on them and you providing the top role to their sexual needs in the immediate moment. There is no attempt to negotiate or to ask you what you would like in return.

Sometimes these people say they’re a “submissive”, but make no mistake they are bottoms — and pushy ones at that.

Drive-By Bottom or Drive-Through Bottom are the equivalents for those who receive the same treatment from pushy tops.

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