Bula, Fiji!

Arrived in Fiji last night after a near 4-hour flight from Sydney. Stayed in a charming beachfront hut in Nadi. Woke up just before the sun rose and ventured out to watch. Had breakfast and then rested in a hammock for a while. Left for the marina to catch a catamaran to My resort. After a total of about 27 hours of plane and boat travel, I’ve arrived at this beautiful, tiny island in the South Pacific. Received an amazing welcome of locals playing guitar and singing to Me as I got off My boat. Was handed a passion fruit cocktail, given a brief tour, and led to My amazing overwater bungalow. Now, resting a bit before I go watch a traditional Fijian dance performance before dinner. More of My adventure to come! (The internet has been shaky and not always available, so I don’t know when I’ll next update.) For now, the view from My bed!

View from My bed

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