Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing our cultural landscape –and quickly. With the rise of this technology we can no longer be sure that what we read or what we see has actually been written by or depicts actual people. Everything could have been created by a machine.

This can pose a serious problem for countless things. Professional Dommes is one of them. You no longer need to come up with your own content. You can have a computer write your entire website or create photos for you. This makes it even easier for someone to misrepresent themselves as being smarter, more knowledgeable, different or better looking than they actually are.

It also makes it very easy for frauds to create an identity and biography to lure people in for a scam. They don’t even need to speak the language of their target audience. The obvious signs of “Google English”, as I call it, are now less reliable.

Doing your due diligence hasn’t become more than important it’s become mandatory. Don’t know what to do? My article about figuring out if the person you’re talking to is me or an imposter offers some helpful advice (the end of the article has more general information): Is it Mistress Tissa or is it a Scammer? Are these tips foolproof? Unfortunately not. Even some genuine providers may use AI when creating their sites or ads.

How to know who’s writing and photos are actually their own? The only thing right now is someone promising they don’t use AI — which I will do here and in the footer of my site.

With me you can be assured I will never use AI to generate any writing or images to represent me in any form. Everything you read or see has been created by me personally. I don’t use AI because there’s no need.

3 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence

  1. Thank you mistress! It is getting scary out there in an online world that is impossible to verify. It’s refreshing to hear someone speak out against AI. I love your authenticity!

    • Thank you, Chris. Some of the discussion I’ve read about AI is legit scary. We really need some regulations about the way it’s used and some safeguards.

  2. I completely agree. It’s gotten too good at this point and most people are unaware. I think it is so new that no one has thought about regulations. It will probably take a while for that to happen

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