Are you dealing with the Real Mistress Tissa or an Imposter?

Is it Mistress Tissa or a Scammer?

Worried that you’re actually talking to me and not a scammer?

I have good news for you: it’s VERY EASY to tell.

  1. Did someone randomly contact you and ask you for money? NOT ME. I ALWAYS direct people to my website first.

When will I ask for payment? When you ASK FOR A SESSION THROUGH MY WEBSITE, MISTRESSTISSA.COM. That’s it. Nowhere else. If you are not on my website looking to initiate a session with me then I will never ask you for any kind of payment. It’s that simple.

That means I do not consider any messages through FetLife or Twitter or anywhere else as a legitimate request. In fact, they are ignored. Therefore, if someone is saying they’re me and they’re asking you for money through any site but mine IT IS NOT ME.

2. Did you receive an email and it is not from my domain, NOT ME. I do not use emails with generic domains, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Mail, Protonmail, etc for my business correspondence.

3. Did you receive a text directly from a cell phone? NOT ME. I do not text people from my cell phone — EVER. I only text through NiteFlirt. This means you have to be logged onto NiteFlirt and contact me through their interface.

4. Did you randomly receive an instant message (IM)? NOT ME. The only time I use IM is when someone completes the session request form, asks for an IM session, and then sends tribute for it.

5. Did someone randomly tell you to call them directly? NOT ME. I will never ask to speak with you unless you request a session using the form on my contact page. I NEVER call people to book a session without first having the answers to the questions on my form. I will also NEVER call you or ask you to call me for casual chat through a direct phone line. The only time I will suggest casual chat is through NiteFlirt.

Mistress, how do I know the account I saw is actually you?

Here are the places I have an account:

That’s it.

That means I am not on:

  • Clip sites*, like Clips4Sale (if you see any of my little video clips anywhere but my site/blog or on Twitter, they’re pirated…in which case, please report them as stolen and certainly don’t pay for them as some of them are free.)
  • CollarMe/CollarSpace (I used to have an account there but they deleted it because I made fun of how shitty the site is)
  • Dating sites*, like OKCupid or Match (why the fuck would a Dominatrix be trying to get clients on a dating site? Hint: Because she’s a scammer!)
  • Eros (I stopped using this site in 2018 after I heard some reports they became a clandestine government operation)
  • Escort sites* (because I’m not an escort)
  • Facebook (I had a business page briefly set up in like 2015 but came to my senses and deleted it shortly thereafter)
  • Instagram*
  • OnlyFans*
  • Seeking Arrangements*
  • Tumblr*
  • Tryst*
  • anywhere else that is not listed above

(* never used)

Mistress, how do I know that the advertisement I saw is really you?

Aside from the places I have accounts (above), here is where I have listings:


In the event I’m forgetting some directory or posting that I may have made years ago, there is a very easy way to know if the link on a site is actually me: you will be directed to MISTRESSTISSA.COM. That is it. I do not have any other websites.

I’ve had a few people over the years mention being approached or scammed by someone pretending to me. This just happened yesterday. The gentlemen was contacted on a site I have never used. He went so far as to send a deposit to this person.

If you gentlemen would listen to us pros when we tell you to go to our websites and read them, you would learn how we do business. If you learned how we do business, you would learn how we DON’T do business and you would save yourself from being scammed by an impersonator.

If this is all too difficult for you to process, remember this simple rule:

If someone claims to be us and is asking you for money — STOP. Google the name of the person you’re exchanging messages with. Does she have a website? If so, go to it and see how she tells you to contact her. Then do that and ask if she is the one you’re speaking with. Always do this BEFORE YOU EVER SEND ANY MONEY. No website? Do more research before you send anything.

If you do not do this and get scammed you cannot blame me or pro Dommes in general. We have warned you time and time again.

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