I have cast my spell on sub g. He came back for the second time in less than two weeks.

Our session was very much enjoyed, by both of us. The time absolutely flew by for me, thanks to my being in Domspace most of the time.

I admit I get a particular type of satisfaction when someone approaches me with a sense that I’m probably OK or whatever, maybe underestimating me, and then afterward leaves my dungeon saying, “You are exceptional,” as sub g did in our last session. I’m left with a feeling that they get my art, which any artist will tell you fills you with deep sense of fulfillment.

The following day he sent this message:

“Please forgive me, but my Goddess, I plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity!

It seems for approximately 24 hours after taking leave of your presence, cognitive thought left my faculties. I was unable to string together intelligent coherent thoughts. I have now recovered, and already my mind, body and soul ache to return to you! The intimacy & intensity that you create around you is something unparalleled in my 30+year journey. You performed a Tissan Mind Melt on my brain, enraptured my soul and completely broke my body. You are the Zenith of your passion and profession.

Thank you for allowing me into your orbit…”

A very passionate person, sub g. This may be why he is getting what I’m giving. I’m very happy when this happens because not everyone has the right receptors available for someone like me.

Thank you, sub g. Looking forward to making more magic!

4 thoughts on “Witchcraft

  1. sub g welcome to the club! You will be receiving membership in the mail to the Mistress Tissa fan Club. Requirements are easy be respectful and check your mind in at the door. After ck in the Mistress will be in charge of your flight. You will only need to obey and serve. When you return from your mini vacation you will feel refreshed and have a clean brain for a while. When the confusion and fogginess comes back just ck in for a new flight. No cares or worries the Mistress always knows what her members need. The best in Philly has been said by other members of the club. Members can ck in but they can never leave the club.Best of luck and welcome aboard!

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