Welcoming T and FC to Temenos

I recently had the pleasure of a scene with T and FC, a lovely couple from out of state.

T initially approached me wanting to gift a scene to her partner, FC, while also having an interest in improving her skills and confidence assuming the Dominant role as she may desire in their relationship.

After speaking with them both, I crafted something that I felt would fit their experience level and meet their needs, both individually but also as a couple.

They both wrote me afterward.

From T:

"Thank you for an incredible experience. The thought and care you put into the session was evident. Any nerves or discomfort I initially felt melted away within moments thanks to your clever positioning and language choice as you started the scene. I loved the [implement] and hadn’t thought about that as a possibility. I loved watching the way you crafted the scene and the punishments delivered. Absolutely no issues came up, in fact quite the opposite ;). It was great to learn that FC can take a LOT of pain (he might be a pain slut after all). Thank you thank you for this rich addition to our relationship." 

From FC:

Dear Mistress Tissa,

Thank you for your creative and insightful treatment. Not a single experience was unpleasant from my perspective.

You incorporated T into the experience in a way that I think fostered more open communication and a stronger bond. We are now able to explore topics that would have been delicate before our time with you, and when I close my eyes, I still clearly see scenes from those amazing hours. 

From your choice of clothing to the type of "punishment" delivered, my fantasies came true and then some.

Unfortunately, I recovered quickly, and there were no lasting marks, but the memories will stick. I loved the method of priming before the [activities], and I loved being stretched out on the table. Having to [activity] was demeaning in a fun way, as was the [another activity]. Being ordered to [yet another activity] was an expert move. 

I thought [you] did a wonderful job with how to incorporate both of us.

It would be a joy to have another session sometime. ... Thank you again for a magical day.

Thank you for being so hot to play with! I had a wonderful time with you both. I hope to see you again in the future!

Mistress Tissa

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