Welcoming sub d

I welcomed a new sub recently who had had one experience with another Dominatrix that he didn’t enjoy. After several years, he decided to try again.

When he arrived, his manner was polite but reticent.

Aside from some possible issues with the Dominatrix Herself (i.e. style, communication, incompatibility), he had some personal barriers which I believed had affected his experience. I discussed these with him and worked with him during our session to increase awareness of and move through them.

When we were finished, he seemed much more relaxed and had a smile on his face. He said his experience was “cathartic”.

The next day, he sent a thank you email with the following message:

Mistress Tissa,

It was a wonder to serve you yesterday. Hopefully I will have the honor to do so again in the future.

sub d

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