Welcoming AJ

AJ took a trip to visit me. I love when subs and sluts make this effort. It fills me with a particular kind of delicious anticipation, and I imagine it does for them, too. They have the length of the trip to think about what awaits them when they arrive, and I simmer perversely in this knowledge.

It was a fantastic session for me. AJ was the kind of player I very much enjoy: generous with his body, mind, and emotions. Zero reticence. Just total surrender.

An excerpt of what he wrote to me afterward:

“The time You allowed me to spend with You this weekend was enlivening and joyous and utterly unforgettable.

Your way of creating a shared flow-state in that room, yet accurately and shrewdly monitoring me and using Your keen observations to keep me safe made me feel cherished — even, perhaps perversely in the context, valued….

I especially enjoyed the way You initially brought me down into the proper headspace. … Looking back at what that felt like for me, it reminds me in some ways of the induction phase of hypnosis: Gradually taking me down then making me come back up then dropping me still deeper down, until I was entirely and abjectly vulnerable for Your whims.

As I mentioned, that was my first foray into meaningful impact play … It was a revelation. … [You] elevated me to a blissed-out version of subspace that was more bodily, more full, more intoxicatingly deep than the versions of subspace I had previously experienced with others.

Thank You so very much for allowing me to serve You; for being such a thoughtful and graceful steward of my own wellbeing throughout; and for opening new doors in me that I now know are there for the opening.”

3 thoughts on “Welcoming AJ

  1. aj, Welcome to the club!! This club ,The Mistress Tissa Fan club, doesn’t have as many members as it should. I think because it’s a “secret”club our membership is low. Members who are frequent fliers with Air Tissa do get some benefits occasionally. Details will be mailed out to you for future considerations. You experienced the care and consideration that the club members enjoy. I can assure you that unlike other clubs your service will not diminish but only gets better with each flight. Good luck and don’t forget to get your frequent flier card punched,or your balls, after each flight. Our long time member monkey dick has never had his flier card punched yet but has used option 2. 🙂

  2. Great post.

    4 times a year, I travel 10 hours by car (8 hours) and train (2 hours) to reach my destination and bliss – my mistress. And yes, the majority of that time is thinking of her, our past, and our upcomming session of debauchery. It warms my inside, anticipation is heightened, and so it begins. Its so good in every way. Although my Mistress is not Tissa, I speculate that it is very similar, as I admire Tissa in high regards, as I have a great instinct for the great ones. That is my sixth sense. LOL


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