30-Minute Sessions (Updated September 2018)

I’ve had some requests for half-hour sessions since the update a month ago and they haven’t worked out. People aren’t reading my instructions and are being too particular about when they want their 30 minutes. I try to follow-up to schedule and I get more “I can’t do that” or “how about [some day I’ve already explained doesn’t work]?” It’s a hassle I don’t want to be bothered with. So, I give up.

If you would like to have a scene with Me, you will have to book at least an hour of My time. What if you only need 30 minutes play? We can play for thirty and spend the rest talking, if you’d like. Or you can leave. Your choice.


I’m no longer offering them on designated dates. Why?

  1. Very few people ask for 30 minute to begin with, so there’s not a lot of demand to justify the planning.
  2. 90% of those few who ask for 30-minutes don’t follow directions and ask to book on other dates. I either ignore these people or try to coordinate a time with them which usually has no pay-off (i.e. they abandon the scene).
  3. For the other 10%, I may still end up doing the very thing I’m trying to avoid: having dates where I may only have a 30-minute session scheduled. Because the work that goes into prep and clean-up is difficult to justify for one, 30-minute session, I must find another solution. This is significantly lessened by coordinating around other sessions. Because session scheduling is a dynamic process, it makes this a potentially time consuming endeavor. Still, I am willing to see if I can make it work.

Here’s My last try at accommodating the rare 30-minute client.

What to do if you would like a 30-minute session:

  1. Apply for a session as usual. Indicate you are looking for 30 minutes. Some flexibility is required. If you can session during any of My working hours — Monday through Sunday, noon to midnight — include this in your app. If you can only session on Wednesdays between 1:00 and 1:30pm, say so.
  2. If I’m interested in your scene, I will get back to you to schedule a time to speak about it. If we decide to session, I’ll provide you with some proposed day(s) and time(s) and you can choose. If none of those dates work for you, you will go on a list for 30 minutes. I will send out an email when I have more dates. If, once again, none of those work for you, then I’m afraid you will be removed from the list and I won’t be able to consider you.
  3. My tribute for 30 minutes is $160. The deposit is $100 for all first-time clients with references. If you have no references, you must pay for the entire session up-front and it must be made at least a week in advance of your session.
  4. If I determine your request(s) are too involved for 30 minutes, either accept My suggestions to omit an element(s) or prepare for a no.
  5. Because of the short amount of time, a shower will not be available before or after our session.
  6. I do not offer 30-minute outcalls, unless it’s at a play party I’m already planning on attending.
  7. All other protocol is the same.

Available activities:

  • Simple fetishes: stockings/pantyhose, fishnet, vinyl, latex*, JOI, CEI, “faggot” (No kissing/licking/groping of Me is inferred.)
  • Foot Domination: This may not necessarily be the same as your idea of “foot worship”, so please read My description of it.
  • Shoe/Boot Domination: See My post about retifism for information on the kinds of shoes and boots I have.
  • Humiliation/Degradation: verbal abuse, facial abuse, inspections, body writing, objectification, ownership, small penis, spitting
  • Impact play/corporal punishment/discipline/behavior modification: bare-handed and OTK spanking, wooden spoon, hairbrush, paddling, crops, straps, flogging, caning, bastinado, whipping (This can be as a fetish, power exchange, and/or light role play.)

In most cases, we will only have time for one activity. I may consider more than one element or something else from My interests if they make sense and/or can be incorporated into the above activities easily.

*Requests for latex depend on scheduling.

(N.B. This post may be updated as needed. Check it for any changes before requesting a session.)

2 thoughts on “30-Minute Sessions (Updated September 2018)

    • People have different needs. Some people who want 30 minutes can’t afford anything more, or simply don’t need it; they just need an inch scratched (e.g. spanking or foot dom) and are on their way. I get that. And as much as I want to accommodate those folx, I also have to consider what works for Me.

      So, this is My last attempt to find a solution. If this doesn’t work, then I’m no longer offering them.

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