Twitter Status

Twitter suspended my account a month ago because they do not understand the use of satire and said I was threatening violence.

I sent an appeal, which was ignored. Then consulted with an attorney at the ACLU, who said that I was clearly using satire and not threatening anyone, and sent another. They replied and continued to assert I threatened violence.

I think there’s some 20 year old kid reviewing these cases who doesn’t understand the purpose of satire is usually the opposite of what is written.

Or it someone who feels powerless in their life and this is how they feel powerful.

Whatever the reason it’s pretty upsetting. That was almost 8 years of work. 8 years, people. It was also my primary source of social and business networking. And, as reluctant as I am to say, my favorite social media platform. And someone who doesn’t understand how to read what I wrote, accused me of something I didn’t do, and took away my account because of it.

Twitter has been sued for this type of thing before. It is not beyond me to look into filing a lawsuit against them.

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