Twitter account suspended

I’m hoping this was just an issue of a Twitter bot flagging me and my being automatically suspended.

They said I threatened violence. In truth, I was using satire about an IRS job description that was taken from IRS’ own website.

In the job description, of which a screenshot was shared by multiple users, it said that the candidate would carry “firearms” and be willing to use “deadly force”. My reply to this requirement, that I think most people, like myself, would find alarming, was above. Twitter misinterpreted this as my making a violent threat, which as anyone can see, was not at all what I was doing.

I have appealed their decision.

If you would like to offer your support to get my account reinstated for what was not a violation of their terms, please tweet @TwitterSupport. Be sure to include my account, @MistressTissa.

Thank you!

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