Torturing Monkey Dick

I had a lot of fun with Monkey Dick this weekend. Two thrilling hours of Me torturing his junk.

Here’s Me punching his balls:


Don’t tell him this but I had bought a new toy for our session but due to the snow storm delivery was delayed and it didn’t arrive in time.

He brought a funny card for Me with a gift inside:


He then sent Me this message:

“Thanks for another great session! … You looked both beautiful and intimidating as you stood in front of me … You manged to keep me very excited while delivering significant pain to my cock and balls, producing a high level of agony and ecstasy. It was a very exciting and fulfilling session.”

Thank you, Monkey Dick!!

4 thoughts on “Torturing Monkey Dick”

  1. Monkey Dick your my Hero!! Two hours of getting your junk punched by the Mistress is a brave mission.I think your next mission should be with Commandant Tissa to get that information you’ve been w/holding from her. 🙂 Mistress,that photo of you is Hot! should be on cover of Corporal. Can’t wait for my turn.

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