The Kindness Of slave john

When slave john comes to session, he usually brings a gift or three with him. Usually his gifts are very practical, which I appreciate because it shows Me he’s thinking about what might be useful to Me. Some of his gifts have included a case of My favorite mineral water, items for My home, and even toys for My cats.

This last time he bought a few things: a large paddle, like a over-sized ping pong paddle, made of a hard wood (a very nice fit into My impact toys); a couple of masks for role play, and a small stool which could make a nice DIY project and addition to My dungeon.

In addition to that, he offered to reimburse Me for My tickets to the Roger Waters show here in Philadelphia!


I don’t normally like when people buy Me random things, but slave john is paying attention and in-tune with the kinds of things that make sense for Me.

Thank you for being so wonderful, slave john!!!

2 thoughts on “The Kindness Of slave john

  1. My nipples really hurt on Friday,you spared no expense.What was really bad was how they were set on “fire”Saturday when I got a shower and the strong stream of hot water hit them. 🙂

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