Testimonial From james

I had a very erotic session with james, which was over far too quickly for My liking. I was getting lost in creating a particular experience for him and really enjoying Myself. So much that I lost track of time and went over. Imagine My dismay when I took a glance at the time, it was up, and he appeared to be lost in space. I wasn’t ready to bring him back. (I wouldn’t have if he didn’t have to go back to work…)

Afterward, he wrote this to Me:

“Mistress, i don’t know if i can put into words recapping today’s session. i need to try so please bare with me if i am all over the place.

i was uncertain of where You were going with today’s session when i first arrived a few minutes late. You wanted to go over my soft and hard limits so in my head i thought You might use them. i was wrong. Being a little scattered brained the past few days with work and life in general, i really was looking forward to this session. … i [am] completely honest in [that] it is a joy to serve You Mistress Tissa.

You instructed me to the table to lay on my back. Watching you prepare the ropes had me in awe. Your hands took over and before i knew it i was hog tied and completely exposed. You slowly started your magic on me and just took me to a subspace i haven’t experienced in many years. Thank You.

Every aspect of the session was amazing. i am glad You allowed me to serve You. It is an honor Mistress Tissa.

Until the next session … keep being Amazing.”

Good to know the feeling was mutual!

Thank you, james. I look forward to our next experience!

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