slave john’s buckets

I had a great time with slave john during our last session.

One thing I appreciate about him is that he is terrific about rolling with whatever I come up with. Whether it’s physical, psychological, or verbal.

A couple of months ago, I was in Passional looking for new toys. I saw these nipple clamps with little buckets(!) attached and I had to get them to use on slave john.

He’s come for a few sessions since then, but I had other ideas in mind for those sessions, so I hadn’t used them yet.

This time I came up with a way to incorporate them that would entertain Me and, to My amusement, slave took to it, as they say, like a fish to water.


I laughed quite a lot during our scene. At one moment in particular, I asked slave to yell out self-descriptors with Me, and we said, “Faggot! Pig! Whore!” at exactly the same time. It got a real belly laugh out of Me.

He accomplished a lot on this day. Including the honor of being My bootcleaner…


slave john said he had a wonderful time. I did, too!

(He also brought the homeless cats another case of food! Thank you!!)


4 thoughts on “slave john’s buckets”

  1. Nipple clamps with weights are common. Buckets are new to me. A punishment opportunity: the dominant fills the buckets with water and if the submissive spills any he is caned. It’s likely he’ll flinch from the pain and spill some more. So he gets punished more…

  2. Dave,Our game was a bit different from what your thinking.I was asked pre session when the last time I had an orgasm.I confessed that it had been our last session 4 weeks ago and Mistress might have put a mental chastity belt on me.When we started our session I was shown the buckets and 100 pennies.Mistress would add or subtract to the buckets the goal being to earn a full 100 pennies in order to buy my relief.It was very interesting and you can bet I worked hard for the reward.I must say it was the hardest dollar I ever earned but it was one of the best well spent.The things you have to do to earn a buck these days. 🙂

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