slave 70 testimonial

I really enjoy my experiences with slave 70 because he is very open and interested in how kink can be transformative. So, not only can I consciously incorporate this into how I approach my scenes with him, we have good conversations about it.

After our last wonderful adventure, he shared this with me:

“What can I say? Wow! I’m still on a high since I left. I didn’t believe things could be any better than our previous session. But this afternoon exceeded my expectations. 

You are an expert with Your hand and all the floggers or whips I experienced today … With Your coaching …and being helplessly bound to the table with no room to move, I was able to be completely present. I loved absorbing each and every impact, and mentally leaned into each one. The high You helped me achieve was perfect. 

As I lay there, being bound into a more and more precarious position by Your ropes while wearing a blindfold, it was so exciting to try to guess what might happen next. It was also exhilarating when Your hand, arm, or leg would brush up against my skin as You tightened the ropes. Of course my guesses for what was coming were wrong… Who could have guessed I would be…

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