Site updates

  • Added a gallery! The photos currently included have either been posted on My site, FetLife, or here at some point, but now they’re all in one place. Well, most of them.
  • Made a few modifications to My Interests page. Took out torture category with it’s examples of nipple, cunt, cock and ball (CBT), stretching, weights, and ballbusting and assimilated them into other categories. After all, none of those necessarily have to be “torture”. Really, they more accurately fall under sensory play, where that can range from something more sensual all the way to something more sadistic. Also, ballbusting is really a kind of rough body play and is not meant to be sensual, so under RBP it went.
  • Another thing: My site is officially legally copywritten, as in filed with the Library of Congress. All text, images, graphic art — the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle. I did this because some dickbags have taken My shit and put it on their site. With the help of a kind lawyer, I am about to send a cease and desist letter. It will be followed by a lawsuit if they don’t cease and fucking desist. (This kind of thing is easy to prosecute and WIN.)

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