SESTA And Social Media

Due to the looming possibility that SESTA will be signed into law, My Twitter account is primarily functioning as a place for activism. I am too disgusted with the current situation to want to freely share work that could be viewed as somehow “criminal” — especially if it might end up being taken down anyway.

If you’re not aware, SESTA is already impacting our online communities. Various sites have suspended accounts, removed content, and denied people access to their adult material. This is only the beginning if SESTA is not stopped.

There is a new social media platform called “Switter” (sex work + Twitter = Switter). It is powered by Mastodon.

It was created in anticipation of the effects of SESTA and that those of us in the adult entertainment industry will be the first to be censored; not only in ways which impair Our ability to connect and work safely with others, but also Our ability to simply express Ourselves.

I have joined and invite you to as well!

Do know that while it’s still figuring itself out, and the interface isn’t perfect, we won’t have to fear shadowbans, censorship, account suspension, and advertisements.

Join a rapidly growing community for people who enjoy the sexy life!

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