September is My Birthday Month

My birthday is the 23rd! I love being spoiled!

My wishlist:

  1. $750 gift card to Etsy for a new bondage chair. My adjustable chair is broken and the person who made it, BDSM Gear, who claims to have a lifetime warranty, will not fix it unless I pay to ship it to him. Due to what needs to be replaced, this would be the entire chair. I’d rather buy a new one from someone else. (You can also send a gift card in any amount toward a new chair.)
  2. Vegan New Rock Trail M-TR003-S1 boots. Instructions for ordering are on my Offerings page. 200 (+ ship).
  3. Bag O’ Dicks. Instructions for ordering are found on my Offerings page. 998. (You can also send a contribution toward the Bag O’ Dicks in any amount. Something more of a Clutch O’ Cocks or Pocket O’ Pricks, if you will.)
  4. KitchenAid 6-Quart Stand Mixer. I like to bake and would love one. 550. If you want to add the wire whip and/or dough hook, I would love that, too.
  5. Le Mystere Isabella bra from my wishlist. It’s the one at the top of the list. 86.
  6. Astrology consult with Anne Ortelee. 368. She’s very good and I want some esoteric insight about a very serious decision I need to make!
  7. Aussie or NZ subs: I love Australian Picnic chocolate bars. I’d love if you’d mail me some! (Please don’t send UK version. Not only do I have some left over from my last trip to England, I think they’re inferior!)

…or anything from the Collections part of my Offerings page or my Amazon Wishlists is also wonderful.

If you’re ordering something that will not drop off a list when purchased (i.e. things from my Amazon wishlist), please let me know so I can take it off and avoid duplicates.

Don’t know what to buy or prefer to send a cash gift? If you’re one of my subs, slaves, or sluts, please use my personal payment link. (If you don’t have it, just email.) If you are not one of my subs, please use Erotifix.

Thank you!


Mistress Tissa

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