Red Light Special

🚨 Red Light Special 🚨

Mistress Myrina of Milwaukee is currently battling not just one but three forms of cancer.

I’m offering credits if you donate to Mistress Myrina’s Cancer Support Fund. For each dollar you donate, you will receive that much off a session with me. Details:

In-person: 100 max. No minimum on length.

Webcam: 75 max. 30-minute minimum. Must be direct cam, not through NiteFlirt.

Phone: 50 max. 30-minute minimum. Must be a direct call, not through NiteFlirt.

IM: 25 max. 30-minute minimum. Must be a direct chat through Skype, no texting through NiteFlirt.

How to redeem:

1. Send donation.

2. Take screenshot of the completed transaction.

3. Request a scene. If you’re new, go to the contact page of my website and complete the form and instructions there. (I’ll ask for a screenshot when I reply to your request.) If you’re an existing sub, just send me an email with your requested session day(s) and time(s) and the screenshot attached.

I will verify that you didn’t cancel it. So, please, don’t do that.

Standard protocol applies. Good until September 30, 2022.

Of course you can just donate out of the kindness of your heart!


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