Policy Change: Deposits

Due to an increase in same-day cancellations, effective immediately, new clients without satisfactory professional references who are booking sessions 1 hour or greater will be required to pay a 50% deposit. Clients with excellent professional references will be allowed to pay My standard deposit. (30 minute sessions have their own protocol.)

The reason for this change is of the people who cancel same-day nearly all of them are inexperienced and/or without references. My belief is they do not understand when we agree to session, we are both committing to that session; and just like they expect Me to follow through, I expect them to follow through as well.

When someone cancels on the day of the session it causes Us problems. If these cancellations occur consecutively, the problems increase. While I absolutely welcome new players, I cannot sustain My livelihood by not safeguarding Myself against the these patterns of behavior.

As usual, the deposit is always applied to your tribute in full. This means if you are asked to pay a $125 deposit, all $125 goes toward the total tribute. This policy change does NOT ask you to pay more overall; only put down more to confirm.

My protocol around cancellations and rescheduling remains the same.

THANK YOU to all the clients who follow through on your commitments. You are very much appreciated.

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