Plagiarism Wall of Shame: Queen Afia Savage (Updated)

This appears to be a Domme in Atlanta.

Once again, I just randomly picked a sentence from my FAQ and found that she had taken several questions from my website. She also looks like she’s modeled a couple of other things from my work.

A couple of examples:

Because it’s hard to explain for yourself why you require them.

How does it make you feel as a client or potential client knowing a Domme had to copy someone else about knowing how to keep you safe?

If you want to read more, go to her site:

They won’t be there much longer. Either because my warning to her is heeded or because I end up having to have her site taken down for copyright infringement.

Update: She replied by stating a “third party” did her site. I asked her who it was. So far, she has not replied.

Update 2: She said it was a designer that appears to be located in India. However, the website and portfolio are missing. Which leads me to say: like booking a session with a Domme, you have to do your due diligence when hiring someone to work on any aspect of your business. No portfolio? Pass. No website? Pass. From an impoverished country? Be careful. Scams abound.

Update 3: She removed my work and apologized, saying she didn’t know it was mine. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I do question that she would honestly think that my writing sounded like something a random web designer from India wrote. If it were me, that would have set off flags. Especially given the rest of the website they did for her doesn’t look like it matches the quality of the writing.

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