You can now mail your tributes to Mistress Tissa!

Now Available: Tributes Via Mail

Knowing that some people have difficulty sending payments electronically, effective today, I now offer the option to send tributes for consultations, deposits, and sessions via mail.

Gifts — whether cash, gift cards, or items that are ordered from a place that requires a mailing address — can also be sent this way.


  • When it comes time to send a tribute, just tell me that you’d like to send it to me by mail and I’ll provide the address.
  • I will accept carefully concealed cash (which I recommend you send registered otherwise it will be at your own risk) and money orders for consultations and sessions. I still do not accept gift cards for tribute unless approved in advance. I never accept checks.
  • You must allow adequate time for me to receive the payment. I will not agree to a consultation or a session before payment has been received AND cleared. I will not make an exception for this under any circumstances. Please plan ahead.
  • If you’d like to send me a gift and you need an address, please send an email to:
  • I always retain the right to deny providing the address at my discretion.
  • Using the address I provide for you to commit a crime, such as harassment and stalking, will mean you will be treated like a criminal. Go ahead and try it if you want to know what that looks like.

Of course, I still accept tributes and gifts electronically!

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